Finding yourself in an auto accident is never fun. In fact, it is a regular nightmare until you heal and your car is repaired. However, it does not have to be viewed as all bad. There are silver linings in auto collisions too. Here is how to view your auto accident as a golden opportunity for auto body repair:

Adding New Auto Paint

Just think; that ugly shade of blue your car has been sporting since you bought it can now be transformed. Not everyone gets the exact make, model, and color of vehicle they want when they buy a car. The first major compromise people make is the color. Yet, when your vehicle is a mess and the original paint has to be removed, you can pick any color and/or paint pattern you want! Do you want to repaint the car cherry red with yellow flames? Your auto collision just gave you the go-ahead to do that!

Adding New Rims

Rims and wheels damaged in the accident have to be replaced. No one is telling you that you cannot replace them with colored or chrome rims and wheels, so why not? Your auto insurance covers the minimal cost of replacement and you pay the difference. Then you get a car that is just a little bit flashier than the one you were driving (even though, technically, it is the same car).

Adding Detailing and Fresh Chrome

Details like pinstripes down the side of the vehicle or fresh chrome on your bumpers, rear view mirrors, and door handles can be added at this time. The auto body shop is already repainting your vehicle; you could add details and chrome too. Everything is polished to a stunning shine like your car just rolled off the manufacturing line.

Darkening Your Windows

With all that smashed window glass, you have to replace the windows and windshields. Replace them with tinted windows so that your car stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. These windows do not come standard on most vehicles, but when you crash your vehicle, you can make them standard during the repairs.

Adding a More Powerful Engine

Wow! Bet you did not think of that, did you? Car engines take some major hits in collisions. While your auto body repair technician examines the engine and lists all of the repairs to restore it, ask for an upgrade instead. The technician can remove and junk the old engine and install the more powerful engine in its place.