As someone who has a mobility impairment, there are two things in your life that keep you as mobile as possible: your wheelchair and your wheelchair van. When your wheelchair van has a problem and needs repairs, you will want the problem fixed as soon as possible and in the best way possible. While there may be many shops that offer qualified repairs, it is best to know how to pick the best before you make a decision. Take a look at some of the attributes to look for in the best wheelchair van repair shop. 

The company has several mechanics on site. 

Some wheelchair van repair mechanics may only handle so many jobs per day with only one or just a few employees. Therefore, you may be left waiting for a while longer just to get your van in for repairs. If you find a company that has more mechanics on staff, you likely will not have a lot of time to wait to get your van in to be repaired. Plus, once your van is in for repairs, you shouldn't have to wait very long for the work to be completed. 

The company offers a warranty for the work performed. 

When you get repairs done to your wheelchair van, whether it is a new lift installed or some other larger repair job, you will not want to be stuck repaying for these repairs soon after because they didn't hold up. One of the biggest things you should be looking for in a wheelchair van repair company is whether they will offer some kind of warranty for the work performed. For example, your repairs may be covered for a 90-day period, so if anything goes wrong in that time frame with the repair that was previously done, you simply take the van back and get the problem mended for free. 

The company provides repairs for a better price. 

You should always compare prices for repairs before picking a certain place to do the work. Some companies are more than likely going to work directly with suppliers for wholesale parts, while other repair services will only get parts from a third-party distributor. Likewise, all mechanics will charge different rates for certain projects when it comes to working on a wheelchair van to make repairs. What one thinks is an easy task and offers a lower price, another may see the same project as difficult and charge more.   

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